Frames suck

Ugh… Frames stink, but sometimes I can’t find a better solution! Unfortunately, in order to be able to take the archives from blogger and get them to both update the index file as well as show the content appropriately, I’ve had to resort to using frames for the blog archives. (Sorry, I’ll apologize in advance!) I would have liked to have been able to do it without frames, but the setting for blogger just didn’t provide enough flexibility since they only give two pre-set fields and I didn’t want to generate any files manually as then I would be sure to fall behind.

So anyhow, the archives for whatsnew are now done (using frames 🙁 ) for now. I’ll move the same stuff over to the other blogs and then get back to content. This was enough of a pain.

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Archives for all the blogs should finally be working, but I’m not happy with how they’re setup. Took too long and seems too kludgy. Better suggestions are welcome.

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The index page has been updated to show only the first posting for what’s new (as that’s what seems relevant) and now also includes the three most recent posts to the quotes collection!

Also, the site is now fully P3P compliant! (not that most people even know what that is and even if you do, you probably don’t care!)

Coming Soon: All the quotes from the old page will be available soon (rated PG-13) as will a lot of the links in the clippings section, but that will be after I’m done messing around with archive templates under blogger to make the archiving work right.

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Manu: ahhh! That’s what that stands for. I never thought of that!

Brandon: Yeah… A.M. is antemeridien and P.M. is postmeridien

Nancy: I love it when we find something Manu doesn’t know!

:you learn something new each day! this one’s just the snippet of what I learnt today! 🙂

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