Site update and other stuff…

Well, so now there is content in the following sections: about and make contact. I also threw up some pictures and hooked in blogger into the Rants and Raves section.

Sometime over the next couple of days, I’ll make another pas through to clean things up. So far, it’s been more of an attempt to just get the structure in place and start putting out some content… so I haven’t even done a spellcheck yet!

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Cats and Dogs

Yes! I knew it would always be the dogs that would save the world! Greetings oh gentle k9 and feline friendly folk. This evening I had the pleasure of watching our furry companions Cats & Dogs fight it out till the bitter end… all for the sake of humanity (hmm… I’ve heard that before a lot recently!). Well, Agent Lou was really quite cute as were all of the antics of his comrades.

I’ll update this review in the morning with some more stuff. Right now, no person in their right mind would be up writing this at this hour of the morning, esp after the number of hours I’ve logged in front of the idiot box in the past two days.

Anyhow, I’ll end by giving it a thumbs up!

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Innaugural post

Well, this is the first review that is going on to this blog. In fact, this also just happens to be the first entry to this blog so lets hope that I did everything right and didn’t screw it all up! 🙂

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Blog on folks!

Excellent. So the first blog is hooked in. The style sheets have been adjusted some and the templates fixed to make it look somewhat acceptable. Blogger has a lot of potential to it. Already have a bunch of suggestions for these guys, but I’m sure they’ve got their hands full.

Site update…

Well, the about and contact and this home page seem to be the ones that have got some content on there so far. The rest of the pages still need to be updated. But for now, feel free to peruse these and let me know how this is working!

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